The Morrison Lab supports an intentional focus on diversity and inclusion to promote and sustain the collective resilience of lab members, as well as to increase the representation of historically underrepresented groups in science and medicine. As a team, we are committed to student outreach and mentorship and ensuring that all lab members have equal access to career development opportunities that align with their goals. We value and encourage healthy, sustainable, and personalized work schedules that allow us to do our best science while simultaneously enjoying our personal lives.

Photo Gallery

Our students observing a deep brain stimulation surgery. A highlight of their research experience!

Our SEP intern practicing their poster presentation.

Dr. Morrison showing our summer interns how to operate a 7 Tesla MRI scanner.

Our summer 2021 team meeting during the pandemic.


Sushil, Lucia, and Dr. Morrison meeting for coffee after a tour of our imaging facilities.

Sushil with our neurosurgeon collaborator Dr. Wang after observing an MRI-guided deep brain stimulation surgery.


Our summer interns having lunch at Spark Social.

Our SEP intern practicing her final presentation for our summer student symposium.